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I feel a bit like an impostor, writing this blog. Why am I even writing this? Maybe it can be a diary, maybe I can purge my soul, maybe I’ll become famous! God, I’m a dick…

So a bit about me, I’m unmarried (as the title suggests) and have 2 kids. 8 years between the two of them, 9yo and 1yo.  I’m not only unmarried but single (oh how my Italian grand-parents would have been proud).

As well as parenting (some may say badly) I’m studying part time. Botany, ecology, plants rock my world.I have dreams of doing something involved in sustainable agriculture or sustainable land use, or something… The worst question I am ever asked is “So, what will you do once you finish your studies?” I don’t know… what will I do when I grow up?

I guess the focus of this blog may be the struggles in balancing study and 2 awesome kids. How do I get a child care place? How do I manage to write a thesis around caring for the girls? Will I miss out on opportunities because of my parenting duties?

I guess this is going to be an evolution of ideas, and I hope someone out there maybe finds it interesting to read.



Posted January 30, 2011 by mundanespinster

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