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Oh poor neglected blog… Hello there.

years and years have passed. I wonder if its worth trying to blog again.

I’m now going to lament the cold, miserable excuse of a summer I’m experiencing. Moved to Tasmania to do a PhD. Its bloody cold down here!!! I think I was warned but, cos I’m a know it all, I ignored the warnings. The beginning of January shouldn’t involve 14 degree days. Its common for folks to escape Tasmania in the depths of winter, move to warmer climes for a month or so… but gosh I’m tempted to do that now!

So after whinging about the weather I’ve got very little left to write about. First day back at uni/work for the year. Motivation is low. At least I’m not missing out on perfect beachy days.

Meh… I can’t write


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I think I spoke too soon yesterday (but only posted it today), the garden suffered so much in the past couple of days. 40+again today , the tomatoes are burnt, everything is falling over… looks like  some sort of catastrophe happened. Poor vegetables, they didn’t do anything to anyone.

I guess my previous statements might have been a little naive, February is always the harshest month, hot, dry, hot. Wish we had a water tank, that would have kept us going through the hot, dry to come.

Its so easy to get caught up in the current positive conditions (or negative ones) and forget the historic conditions. Whether this history be really recent (last year) or previous generations, I think it’s a human tendency to focus on now.  I can see how the climate change deniers can justify their beliefs… sort of. ‘Global warming isn’t happening, see how cold and wet it is this year’. Just finished reading ‘Collapse’ by Jared Diamond. I really got a lot out this book, it really got me thinking about how easily we forget or ignore mistakes of the past. Also made me want to be a better writer, I love reading a well written popular science book.


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It’s been such a good Melbourne summer for the vegetable garden, warm for days followed by great rain. Almost like living in the tropics. Everything seems to grow in front of my eyes. The pumpkins are getting bigger every day. I want to hear the corn grow… that happens doesn’t it? Or is that some crazy myth I’ve made up for myself??

Yesterday was so harsh for the garden, 40C isn’t fun for anything. It amazes me that the leaves of the pumpkins wilt so much but recover by themselves once it cools down, I still haven’t watered them yet.

The tomatoes are producing wonderfully. The black Russians have been fruiting for a while, still waiting for the other varieties to come on line. its interesting watching the progression of the different varieties and how quickly or otherwise they do their thing. I’ve never had much luck with tomatoes, I think its the good influence of my house mate on them… she reckons tomatoes are her thing. I’m more of a brassica girl, so between the two of us we should be set for the most important vegetables!

My favourite part of the garden this year is the purple climbing beans. Great colour in a salad, highly productive, and they look beautiful climbing with the tomato plants. There should be more purple vegetables, kids love to eat them, it was a serious oversight by god…

various tomatoes and some pretty beans

Whenever I look in the garden, I think how lucky/wise we are to have put in the effort. With the floods in Victoria and Queensland fruit and vegetables are going to get so expensive soon. Or all be imports. I’m really not so keen on buying

or eating imported vegetables. But if we persist with farming the way we are now we might not have a choice but to eat imports in the not to distant future. When I did a Permaculture course we were told that if Melbourne grew food on all of our nature strips we’d be able to feed the whole city. It could be done. But decentralisation seems to be an unpopular choice with the people in charge, “them”.

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So, baby’s first birthday is down, or at least the party is.. birthday tomorrow. Hard to imagine feeling like a beached whale was a whole year ago.

School holidays end soon… will be able to get back into my research. I hope so at least, I’m so out of the routine of going to uni, reading, working. If only I could be on permanent holiday. I’m sure I’d bore of it eventually.

My research is about a naturally occurring hybrid between two eucalypts found on the Murray River. Its a weird place to work, its an arid zone flood plain (seems like an oxymoron to me). The hybrids are coping better than its parents with the increased salinity experienced in that area of the river. I’ll feel good if the research I’m doing helps in re-vegetation in some way. A lot of research seems somewhat pointless. I want what I’m doing to inform decisions or provide material for fixing damaged landscapes or conserving endangered species. Having a published article can’t be a driving force.

Box Tree Waterhole- note the lack of water in said hole

I think if I could chose again I’d chose not to work with eucalypts, everything about them is a challenge. Small flowers, tall trees, tiny seeds, tough leaves. Makes working on their floral phenology and fertility challenging.  The damn leaves even make things more difficult, much harder to extract DNA from the little buggers than a nice floppy grass blade.

Stupid tiny flowers... whoever called this one largiflorens obviously though he was a funny bugger

So I guess I should make the most of my last few days of holidays… hope it cools down soon, I’m afraid to venture outside. surely I’ll melt.

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My first blog entry. I feel so technologically savvy.

I sit here hiding from the 40 degree day, recovering from yesterday’s first birthday party. I had the realisation during the party that I’m not a party person. I like the idea of a party, but the socialising is just tiring. It seems to drain my soul. I love all my friends but I’m just not a social butterfly. I guess if baby slept more I might feel a bit different….

Short post for now, demanding baby calls!

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