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I think I spoke too soon yesterday (but only posted it today), the garden suffered so much in the past couple of days. 40+again today , the tomatoes are burnt, everything is falling over… looks like¬† some sort of catastrophe happened. Poor vegetables, they didn’t do anything to anyone.

I guess my previous statements might have been a little naive, February is always the harshest month, hot, dry, hot. Wish we had a water tank, that would have kept us going through the hot, dry to come.

Its so easy to get caught up in the current positive conditions (or negative ones) and forget the historic conditions. Whether this history be really recent (last year) or previous generations, I think it’s a human tendency to focus on now.¬† I can see how the climate change deniers can justify their beliefs… sort of. ‘Global warming isn’t happening, see how cold and wet it is this year’. Just finished reading ‘Collapse’ by Jared Diamond. I really got a lot out this book, it really got me thinking about how easily we forget or ignore mistakes of the past. Also made me want to be a better writer, I love reading a well written popular science book.



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