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So, baby’s first birthday is down, or at least the party is.. birthday tomorrow. Hard to imagine feeling like a beached whale was a whole year ago.

School holidays end soon… will be able to get back into my research. I hope so at least, I’m so out of the routine of going to uni, reading, working. If only I could be on permanent holiday. I’m sure I’d bore of it eventually.

My research is about a naturally occurring hybrid between two eucalypts found on the Murray River. Its a weird place to work, its an arid zone flood plain (seems like an oxymoron to me). The hybrids are coping better than its parents with the increased salinity experienced in that area of the river. I’ll feel good if the research I’m doing helps in re-vegetation in some way. A lot of research seems somewhat pointless. I want what I’m doing to inform decisions or provide material for fixing damaged landscapes or conserving endangered species. Having a published article can’t be a driving force.

Box Tree Waterhole- note the lack of water in said hole

I think if I could chose again I’d chose not to work with eucalypts, everything about them is a challenge. Small flowers, tall trees, tiny seeds, tough leaves. Makes working on their floral phenology and fertility challenging.  The damn leaves even make things more difficult, much harder to extract DNA from the little buggers than a nice floppy grass blade.

Stupid tiny flowers... whoever called this one largiflorens obviously though he was a funny bugger

So I guess I should make the most of my last few days of holidays… hope it cools down soon, I’m afraid to venture outside. surely I’ll melt.